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About me

My name is Elina Ahola and I am the owner of Imachin. I got my first dog in 2000, we were co-owners with my sister. We got our little chin girl, she walked straight to our hearts and never came out. I will always be in love with this breed because it's so unique. I am always grateful for breeders Aulikki and Risto Maaninka of kennel Okotan for their support. I have got so much knowledge about the breed.

It is said that when you got one chin, there will be another... and another... and so on. "Tiitu" was mated two times under Aulikki's kennel name Okotan. We got our lovely boys "Tatu" and "Taavi". These wonderful chins never stop amazing me. Each and every of them is full of personality and there's no two of them which are the same.

Our japanese chins are loved family members to us, they live with us among our everyday life. We will rarely have puppies and every combination will be considered carefully. I believe that you shouldn't made a combination if you won't be ready to take a puppy from that litter yourself.

My aim is to breed healthy, sound and beautiful japanese chins. I admire the typical astonishment in expression, large eyes and head, good profile and great movement. Still health is one thing you can't ever value too much. Every chin I use in my breeding has health exams made - at least patella, heart and eyes checked.

I am a member of
- Finnish Kennel Club
- Finnish Toydog Association
- Finnish Japanese Chin Section
- Finnish Dog Breeder Club FDBC
- Swedish Japanese Chin Association
- local Dog Associations

We are very interested in dog shows. Nowadays we are travelling across Finland and also neighbouring countries. Besides the actual "ring thing" in showing, we like to meet our friends and their dogs at the shows.

Please, don't hesitate if you have something you would like to ask. Click the page "Contact me" for contact information.


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