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11.08.2014 19:58 | Elina

A lot has happened since the last posted news. I don't mark all the results here, but in a nutshell, we have been showing in Finland and abroad. In 2014 our team has been consisting mainly our star "Ässä" and our future star young "Helmi". They both gained championships from our trip to Moletai triple in shows in May. "Helmi" has already 2 Finnish CACs by the age of 11 months. Also "Teddy" gained his Estonian Champion title in Haapsalu in July.

 - Elina | Kommentoi

 Show news - a new CH!
21.04.2013 16:41 | Elina

We have a new Champion!
Teddy gained CAC in Kankaanpää and became Finnish Champion!

Kankaanpää group show 21.4.2013
judge Pirjo Aaltonen
Teddy CAC & BOB, FI CH!

Vaasa INT 13.4.2013
judge Rony Doedijns, Netherlands
Ässä Best Male 2, re-CAC & CACIB

 - Elina | Kommentoi

 Tallinn, Estonia 10.2.2013
24.02.2013 17:44 | Elina

Tallinn, Estonia INT show 10.2.2013 (7 chins)
judge: Vija Klucniece, Latvia
Ässä Best Male, EE CAC, CACIB & BOB
Teddy VG

 - Elina | Kommentoi

 Turku INT 20.1.2013
28.01.2013 09:43 | Elina

First show this year and Typy did it again:

Turku INT 20.1.2013
judge: Torbjörn Skaar, Sweden
Typy Best Female, CACIB & BOB

 - Elina | Kommentoi

 Last show in 2012!
04.01.2013 15:50 | Elina

Helsinki INT HEW-12 8.12.2012 (21 chins)
judge: Marja Talvitie
Ässä Best Male, CAC, CACIB, BOB & HEW-12
Typy 2nd Best Female & CACIB

Helsinki INT FIW-12 9.12.2012 (26 chins)
judge: Ferenc Gröschl
Ässä 3rd Best Male, re-CAC & re-CACIB
Typy VG

 - Elina | Kommentoi

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