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C.I.B FI & SE & EE & LT CH EuJW-06

Okotan Ototosau

"Taavi" pictured here with me, in August 2008, winning his 3rd specialty BOB in a row, under Toy breed specialist Sylvie Desserne, France.

D.o.B: 30.01.2005
R.I.P dearest Taavi - 30.01.2005-21.9.2015

Sire: Chinnoo Carrero
Dam: Okotan Bijutsu

breeder: Aulikki Maaninka
owners: Elina & Anna Ahola

Taavi's Pedigree in KoiraNet database

Patella: 0/0
Heart: Clear
Eyes: Clear

We faced an incredibly sad accident in October 2008. Taavi got a scratch into his eye, unfortunately it went so bad that in spite of professional eye specialist, there was nothing to do with saving the eye so it had to be removed to save the dog. Now Taavi lives happy everyday life with us as a pet.

Taavi's achievements:

Champion of International Beauty, Champion of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania, European Junior Winner 2006

In Vakka-Suomi Kennel Club: Best Puppy in 2005, Best Show Dog in 2007 and 2008.
In Finnish Japanese chin section: the Best (among males and females) in 2007 and 2008.
Three BOBs in Finnish specialties 2006, 2007 and 2008, BOB in Swedish specialty (during WW-08) in 2008.


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